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Overhead Eot Single Girder Cranes

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Material handling is a crucial department in any manufacturing industry which involves bulk movement of materials from one place to another which changing the nature of the materials. It is the most attractive and major areas where cost can be reduced. If labours are employed for moving such bulk materials, it involves cost and does not have enough safety for them. When the costs are reduced, it ultimately results in less cost for a finished good. EOT (Electronic overhead travelling) crane is essential industrial equipment involved in material handling job. Overhead EOT single girder cranes are used to lift the objects by a hoist fitted in a trolley.It comes under standard crane types. Overhead cranes can be segregated under two categories based on the number of cross –girders and based on the nature of running.

Based on the number of cross- girders it can be categorized as single and double girder cranes.

Based on nature of running it can be top running and under running cranes.

EOT crane configuration has under running and top running cranes (based on nature of running).

Under running:

Running on the bottom flange of runway girders, the running cranes are supported from the roof structure. They are advantageous since the very small trolley approach dimension can utilize the maximum of the building's width and height. There is a possibility of using the existing ceiling girder for protecting the crane track.

Top running:

A girder is a support beam which is used to denote the main horizontal support of a structure that supports smaller beams. Single girder cranes can be of

I-beam type main girder which has a crane span of 18m(59 ft) and load up to 10 tonnes

Box-type main girder which spans up to 30m (98 ft) and can uplift load up to 40 tonnes

Under running single girder cranes which span up to 22m (72 ft) and weight lift load up to 12.5 tonnes.

Single girder cranes cost less in many ways as only cross girders are needed; quicker installation; runway beams are lighter enough due to reduced crane dead weight.

Overhead cranes can be controlled with radio remote controls or independent travelling push button pendants which allow operators to stand on the safe side and operate. Operators are in such a way of a safer side to have an obstacle less view for smooth functioning of operations.

The unique attributes of EOT cranes is underlying in the design optimization such that it avoids deadweight and reduces the cost of the equipment. It is mostly used in construction companies, manufacturing heavy equipment, exports of materials that cannot be handled with hands as such.

Single Girder I-BEAM Crane.

We manufacture Overhead EOT Crane which is fabricated using optimum quality raw material and components like M.S. Sheets, M.S. angles, I Beam, Motors, Brakes. Our range is designed in such way that can bear loads ranging up to 100 tons. These are extensively used in foundry, machine shop, engineering. We also offer customization on our range as per the specification of clients.

Some of the unique features of Overhead EOT Cranes include:

High performance



Easy maintenance

Corrosion resistance



Compact dimensions, low weight, easy to operate and easy to maintain.


Motors will be Crane duty motors, squirral cage induction motors for hoists and cranes also slipering induction motors will be provided for heavy duty cranes as per the applications.


Single / Dual-disc Electro Magnetic DC Brakes featuring automatic braking on power failure

Single Girder I-BOX Crane


To prevent over hoisting & over lowering of hook


Extra light, handling, easy to operate, aluminum, fabricated from extruded section


Electric / Electronic soft start modules electrically coupled to the long travel drives to achieve jerk free, cushioned & smooth starts.


Easy, simple & safe maintenance of the Crane extended partially or totally along the girder. Our array of EOT Cranes is developed using finest quality raw material such as Ms Sheets, MS angles, I beam, motors, brakes. These are ideal for power house cranes where these cranes are used for maintenance. Our high performance gamut requires low maintenance and can be tailored as per the demand of clients.

Single Girder UNDER-Slung Crane

Following are the unique attributes of EOT cranes:

Optimum design of the structure avoiding dead weight and reducing the cost of the equipment.

Very much suitable for power house cranes where these cranes are used for maintenance.

Economical Design by providing manual long and cross travel facility with a provision for using either an electric hoist or a motorized chain pulley block

Low head room which in turn reduces the cost of the shed/building

Low head room which in turn reduces the cost of the shed/building

Customized design to match the budget of the customer

Highly Competitive Prices

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