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When it is required to lift a heavy object, Gantry Cranes are employed into use to do the needful. They work by lifting heavy loads with a hoist, and can move horizontally over rails that are fitted under beams.

Gantry Cranes are used to lift heavy objects and are frequently used for ship buildings, wherein heavy parts and engines need to be fixed. Developed in the modern times, Gantry Cranes are being used on a large scale since their development.

Gantry Cranes move along rails that are fixed on the ground. They are a safer and efficient option, when the use of Overhead cranes is not possible. Both the cranes are handled by one operator, making it less risky for operations.

Gantry/Goliath Cranes: Where they are used?

Gantry Cranes are used in most areas where heavy lifting of objects is required. A few of them are mentioned below,

They are used at Construction sites where shifting and moving of building blocks is required.

Also at harbours, where heavy cargo and boxes need to be moved.

Gantry cranes are also used for ship building.

They are used at workplaces where huge bridge cranes cannot be used due to height and weight constraints

Gantry cranes are also used at steel plants, mills etc

Places where induction and maintenance of heavy engines and machinery is required.

Also at areas, where other overhead cranes, bridge cranes, etc. cannot be put to use.

Gantry cranes were first developed in Germany. They are commonly used owing to the flexibility and safety, they offer. Gantry Cranes are available in a lot of variants. Some are fixed whereas some are adjustable. Below mentioned are a few variants of Gantry Cranes

Portable Gantry Cranes: These gantries are the ones that are most used due to the flexibility and disassembly feature they have.

Adjustable Gantry Cranes: This type of gantry cranes have the facility of adjusting heights, widths, etc. according to the requirement and nature of the area of work. If there are space constraints, then use of adjustable gantry cranes is ideal.

A few of gantry cranes are also able to function on rubber tyres where rails cannot be used. Also, gantry cranes are made available in all sizes for enabling use in small work places where a small, but heavy load is required to be lifted.

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Gantry Gantry cranes provide economical material handling in areas where an overhead crane system is not available or practical. Their safety and efficiency make them a frequent choice for production, installation and maintenance applications. Type of gantry cranes are available in either fixed or adjustable height models. Both types can be disassembled into three components for greater portability.

HGantry Crane are Mounting on four legs.

Semi Gantry Mounting on 2 legs. Canti Leaver Single Side/Both Side

Depending on the application, casters may be selected from a wide variety of sizes and styles. Casters are available from Bushman as optional equipment, or they may be provided by the purchaser.

Uses Of Gantry Crane:-

Wave house yard, Rolling Mill, Steels Plants, Fabrication Yard, Constructions.

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