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Usually, Gearboxes are mechanical devices that enable vehicles to function at different speeds according to the need of the driver and within the limitations of the engine and its capacity. Several firms are experts in producing helical gear boxes which operate on modular Concept of construction in compliance with standards with respect to sizes, dimensions. This technology enables economic mass production, massive Maintenance of stocks, amazing delivery period and convenience of servicing.

RLC Make Helical gear boxes one built on modular Concept of construction conforming to is standards with respect to sizes, dimensions. This Provides economic mass prodiction, Comprehensive Maintenance of stocks, favourable delivery period and easy of servicing

Housing :

It is targeted to provide gear boxes with good quality cast iron, and that too with Torsion resistant housing in order to reduce the vibration and its effect and absorb the heat produced by the Engine. Providing the flexibility of producing as per the client's requirements in all kinds of capacity required and give the option of housing of iron to client is also among the aims of the firms.

Gears and pinions :

The material used to produce pinion and Gear wheel is made of hard wearing special steel of graded quality in order to allow the individual load conditions. The selection of the raw material like module, foot profile are done in accordance with speeds, ration, and load requirements to give maximum tooth contact and overlap, thus ensuring most preferable meshing and running without any sound.

Shafts :

Shafts pinions cut integral used in the manufacture of gear boxes consists of heat treated alloy steel bars or alloy steel forging. Except these, all other shafts are of heat-treated carbon steel and are finished to facilitate high precision tolerance by grinding.

Bearings :

The huge success rate of gear boxes is because of the use of quality material and Anti-friction bearings of ample size to ensure that gear boxes have long service life. Antifriction bearings are used to provide high efficiency, best centre distance and accurate shaft alignment. Shaft extensions are fitted with best quality seals to stop oil leakage and dust entry.

Lubrication :

In order to achieve the Normal speeds, splash lubrication by dipping gears in oil is provided. The oil level indicator located in the housing is to make sure a required amount of lubricant in the housing.

Cooling :

In order to make sure that the heat generated within the gear units is spread and absorbed by a sufficiently large surfaced area of the housing for higher capacities, additional cooling by fans, cooling inside lower housing is used depending on heat dissipation requirement based on power to be transmitted and ambient temperature. Several options are provided to clients regarding some of the features like Shaft extension input/output, integral tooth male clutch with the output shaft and Special Seals.

Efficiency, Range & Reduction ratio :

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Optional Features :

Non Standard ratio

Housing in Cost Steel or fabricated steel

Reinforced bearings for external loads

Special Seals.

Shaft extension input/output

Fan Cooling or Cooling Coil

Integral tooth male clutch with output shaft

Gears and pinion should have in spur as well as Helical

The Gear Units are available with various assembly arrangements such as :

Type of oil

The lubricating oil used should be straight mineral oil or Extreme pressure (E.P.) Oil as specified below. It should be high graded well refined petroleum Oil within the recommended viscosity range. It must be neutral in viscosity, no grfit or abrasives should be present. The first Oil change should be mede after about 1000 hrs running or two month which even is earlier. The Subsequent changes would be made every 2000 hrs or Six monthes which ever is earlier, The opevating temperature should not be excessive. Temperature upto 90ºC. is harmless to any Component.

Recommended lubricants :

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Selection Procedure of Gear Box :

Determine the horse power required for the prime-mover

Compute the required reduction radio by dividing Input R. P.M. to out put R.P.M.

Select the Class of duty

Try to reduced Input R.P.M. so that required Ratio and size of Gear box should be minimum and Small

The size should be selecteed such that the rated H.P. is equal or more than the Consumed H.P

Example :

Select a unit to tranmit 10 H.P. from 960 RPM electric motor.

For Hoist drive in class II duty crane., Out put R.P.M. is 30. Therefore the required Ration is 32 or (Taking 31.5 Standand)

See from Reduction ration table two stage Horizontal gear box type H.B. will be suitable.

See the ration Colum and in the size HB-350 for input R.P.M. of 960 in Class II duty the rated HP is 12.6

As the Consumed HP is 10, the unit HB- 350 will be suitable.


Double Stage Horizonal Type 'HB' :

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