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There has been immense modification in the industrial world since the starting of modernisation. And these changes have helped mankind to perform several industrial tasks with much more efficiency and that too with much more ease.

Gear Case

The gear case is made up of close grained cast iron. The entire piece with pedestal and inner partitions is cast into a single piece. The case allows high strength, easy heat dissipation, compactness, less mass, easy operation and easy maintenance.

Gears and Pinions

Helical Gear systems are used in all geared motors. All gears are manufactured from special grade alloy steel. Special machines, heat treatment Systems and Grounding Tools are used to shape alloy steel discs to special gears.


The output shafts of gear motors or reducers. Shafts for inline gear reducers. They are made from medium carbon steel. They have high overhung load carrying capacities. Heat Treatment is also done to create some desired property.


Automatic oil splash mechanism allows easy lubrication. You have to just occasionally top up the oil for oil losses. Oil fillers, level indicators and oil drains are attached to allow proper lubrication.


TEFC squirrel cage induction geared motor suitable for operation on 415V, 3-phase, 50 C/s AC supply as per IS: 325. Proper enclosure and insulation is provided to ensure safety of both users and appliances. IB 55 enclosure and F/B class insulations are provided.

Geared motor with special attributes like flame-proof, crane duty, extended shaft on NDE, brake etc., are also manufactured.


DIN 42948 standards are used during manufacture of shafts. Shaft diameters are such that they allow proper tolerance. Its diameter may vary from 50 mm to 100 mm. D 6885 standards and P 9 tolerance is provided to keys and keyways


Proper noise tests, oil leakage testing, speed analysis and Heating Analysis etc are applied. The geared motors are tested for all working conditions and then brought into market.

The need of geared motors is fulfilled by the firms quite efficiently, since they amalgamate old experience with new technology. Meticulous fabrication of each and every part is done and then they are put together to form master product.

The manufacturing process has been improved in all firms due to the technological advancements. The material used and fabrication process has also developed. The technological advancement in fields of Mechanical power transfer and the understanding of individual parts and their working has allowed economical and efficient production. The quintessence of the technical expertise and experience of the engineers has been used to release this new product. The Helical Geared and Power Build Geared motors and inline gear can be used to obtain extremely low speeds. Multiple stages reduction systems are used for this purpose. They are available in foot, Flange, foot Flange and Hub designs.

Reliable Lifting Automation has established its name as the most trusted and accepted name for its geared motors and inline gear boxes in all the industries since last more than 1998. Originally started under Technical Engineers has made a lot of improvements not only in the manufacturing process but also in materials and design technology. As a result of continuous research and development in the field of mechanical power transmission equipment, understanding individual application and working out the most suitable and economical solution, Venus engineers continues to maintain leadership in the market, Power Build is happy to release this new catalogue incorporating in it, the essence of its long experience in the field. This catalogue supersedes all its earlier catalogues for Helical Geared Motors.Power Build Geared motors and inline gear boxes are available with single, double and triple reduction design. For extremely low output speeds, geared motors and gear reducers are also manufactured with 4, 5, 6, and even more reduction stages. They are available in FOOT, FLANGE, FOOT-cum-FLANGE design and also HUB type design for agitator applications.


The reduction gear trains are housed in a sturdy gear case of one-plece construction cast integral with its pedestal and internal partition wall which serves as both reinforce-ment and bearing housing. Gear case is manufactured from close grained cast iron and has ample surface area for heat dissipation. Design:

Compact dimensions, low weight, easy to operate and easy to maintain.


All gear components used are helical and manufactured from selected special alloy steel. Gears are generated on precise hobbing machines, heat treated and ground to achieve the best performance and efficiency.


Output shafts of both geared motors and gear reducers and input shaft of inline gear reducers are manufactured from best quality medium carbon steel for high overhung load carrying capacities. For special applications, these shafts can also be heat treated.


The lubrication of gears and bearings is fool-proof, being achieved automatically by splash of oil, Thus, no special care is required except occasional topping up of the oil to required level, A large oil filler-cum-breather, oil level indicator and drain plug are provide on the gear box.


Electric motor provided with geared motor is TEFC squirrel cage induction motor suitable for operation on 415V, 3-phase, 50 C/s AC supply as per IS : 325. All motors are provided in IP 55 enclosure and F/B class insulation.

Geared motor fitted with electric motor of special design like flame-proof, crane duty, extended shaft on NDE, brake etc., can also be offered.


All output shafts are manufactured as per DIN 42948. Tolerance for shaft diameters may vary as per IS, k6 upto 50mm and m6 above 50mm. Keyways and keys are as per DIN 6885 with keyway tolerance P9. Key steel DIN 6880. Threading on output speed tolerance is ± 3%


All Components ate throughly inspected at various stages ans assembled unit is tested on 'no load' for noise level, oil leakage output speed and temperature rise.

Foot Mounted Geared Motors

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Principal Dimensions

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Dimensions above are for gears without holdback and brake.

RLC reserves the right to effect any design or dimensions change without Notice.

*for 112P/122P except dim. "a",'e' and 'k' other dimensions are same as 113P/123P and 'k' to be reduced by 140mm.

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