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Load testing is the process of calculating the response of the device, system or a machine by placing a certain amount of pressure or demand on it. Load testing is carried out so that the conduction of a system can be determined in different conditions including normal and expected peak load conditions. It will help us to find the maximum capacity of an application’s operation. It will also help us find the different problems faced by the system or a device and find out which element in it is causing the problem. Another important part of the load testing process is called the stress testing, where the load is placed on the system at a condition that is above the regular usage of the system. The load in a stress testing is typically very heavy so that you find out only the errors as a result. Unfortunately, there is no certainty when a load test will become a stress test.

There are a lot of devices or systems that are load tested. They include different types of machinery like motors, structures, and engines.

The load may be of three types:

The assigned safe working load or also called SWL.

Full load or complete load.

An increased level of load that is more than the complete load.

The details of, how a load test should be conducted are present in the technical specifications, in the method of testing and also in the governing contract. The motto of testing a load mechanically is to make sure that every other components and different parts of machine or structure including its base fixings and materials are ideal for its purposes.

The different types of load testing employed:

A testing where a constant load is applied on the device for some amount of time - Static testing.

A testing where a load that is variable, is applied - Dynamic testing

A testing that involves the cyclic loading and unloading for a particular time and for specified conditions and cycles - Cyclical testing.

At Reliable Lifting Automation offer al theses services in an efficient way. The firm has overhead cranes that are very strong, structurally. They are also designed with a defect-free welding process which will offer you an unprecedented service, which is rigid and durable. The firm has also forged and double flanged wheels to make sure that the cranes and the trolleys can have a smooth movement. They use anti-frictional roller/ball bearings in special bearing blocks that are of L-type, so that all the internal gears become more efficient. To control the speed of cranes and trolleys, they use special type microcontrollers.

As per the IS 3177 & 807, load testing of the crane is done at 125% of SWL with a small deflection of 1 millimeter for every 1 meter span at the very center.

Salient Features:

Our structurally strong overhead cranes are built with defect free welding hence offer exceptional durability and rigidity. Double flanged and forged wheels make trolley and cranes movable. To make the in-built gears more efficient, we use anti- frictional ball/ roller bearings in special L-type bearing blocks. To provide fine inching movements of hoist, trolley or crane at the rate of 5% to 20% of the main speed, we use special type micro drives. A wide selection of A.C. control packages comes with these cranes to meet any electrical requirement Crane test load at 125% of SWL (Safe Working Load) cheek deflection of 1 mm for every 1 mtr. span at center as per IS 807 & 3177. We also cheek the welding joint by DPT Test & Fabrication chamber of main box.

We have facility of load test upto 20 ton safe working load.

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