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Industries and their various activities involve a lot of heavy tasks such as lifting and moving of huge articles. Many gadgets and mechanical instruments are used to carry out these difficult tasks with ease. One of them is Manual Crab Winch. This instrument is used for heavy weight lifting and other similar tasks.

The main use of a Manual Crab Winch is for lifting of heavy weights and for other heavy duty purposes. It is also used for erection of pillars.

Most of the Manual Crab Winch manufacturers follow the same pattern of building these winches. They are built according to the standards of IS -9507 -1979. The manual crab winches are manufactured of appropriate standard and quality.

Here mentioned, are a few technical features of the Manual Crab Winch :

Base frame: The base frame is fabricated by rocked steel plates, which are polished well, appropriately ribbed; the flooring is also done with chequered plates, lifting lugs and anchored holes for proper foundation.

The reducer has 1st stage reduction with other open gear and pinions plus a self made worm reduction gear box.

It also has a rode drum that is fabricated with steel, has flanges on two ends, rightly machined and has a capacity of winding at 100 meter rope wire.

The motor has high starting torque conforming to IS -325 standards.

Controlling the Manual Crab Winch :

The operation of the winch is done by a push button controller or station at 100V fixed on the machine. There are equipments for controlling such as triple pole reversing contractors, a pilot lamp, and H.R.C fuses that make the controlling of winch more efficient, user-friendly and safe. The brake is mainly electromagnetic. However, it can also be elector hydraulic thrusters, a double shoe type brake or a manual/ hand operating brake.

Moreover, the Manual Crab Winch comes with a lot of benefits. It has very few connection requirements like only motor, brake, gearbox, rope drum, etc. Many of its models also offer travel wheels that are enough durable and enable easy movement, if required. Also, it is well equipped and has very few assembly requirements.

Along with a lot of benefits, adding to the list of benefits is that they are noise free, if maintained appropriately they ensure a long life, plus operation is also very user-friendly.

Loading and unloading of heavy loads, pulling materials, erecting pillars, etc. are the various activities for which a manual crab winch is used. But also, these winches which differ on the basis of the speed by which they carry out these functions. Many manufacturers offer customized Manual Crab Winches to their customers based on their specific requirements.

Application :

A manual mobile Material Handling Machine suitable for Indoor and Outdoor services. It is the basic requirment in all the Motor Garages and Machine shope for loading and unloading of the Engines and materials from the Vehicles.

The Most Trusted Material Handling System :

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