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A Spare part is also known as a replacement part. It is a part that can be used for the repair or replacement of failed units. Spare parts have a key role in logistics management or supply chain management. Another category in which the Spare parts can be classified is Capital spares. Capital Spares are the spare parts which are acknowledged to have a long life and small chances of failure. Spare products for big machinery are used at fields and in factories.

Some of the Spare Products include:

BRAKE MOTOR- Brake motor consists of a high induction motor coupled to a disk break



Gear Reducers

Machine tools

Material Handling Equipment



Rolling Machine

AVAILABILITY- This spare part is available in both DC and AC voltage 24-195V.

TEND CARRIAGE WITH GEARED MOTOR – These motors have high starting torque and high output load. We provide a wide assortment of end carriage with geared motor that is manufactured by using premium raw material.

STANDARD/CRANE DUTY MOTOR- A wide range of crane duty motors are available, at industries’ best prices. These motors are specially designed for short time duty and intermediate time duty. These Standard /Crane duty motors provided by us are energy efficient and made using advanced technology. Hence, they are in great demand in the market

COUPLING- A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together and their ends for the purpose of transmitting power.


To provide a connection between two different shaft units that are manufactured separately.

Helps in providing mechanical flexibility

Connects the driving and the driven part

Also helps in protection against overloads

RADIO REMOTE CONTROL- It is the use of radio signals to remotely control a device. This term is used to control model vehicles from the radio transmitter and other devices.


Are used in military services

Scientific research organizations


BOTTOM HOOK ASSEMBLY-A wide range of bottom hook assembly is available. They have a very high utility value. The most common range is from 0.5mt to 100mt.

HYDROLIC THRUSTOR BRAKE- It is a heavy duty break mainly used to withstand heavy-duty machinery in industries.

WHEEL ASSEMBLY-It is an automotive spare part used in cars, passenger vehicles, and heavy trucks. The wheel assembly is very important spare component and helps in smooth and hassle free driving experience. The most important use of this assembly is to contain wheel bearings.

CONTROL PANEL FOR ANY SPECIFIC REQUIREMENT- This fabrication is custom built and covers all the requirements. Due to the use of superior quality material it is highly durable and robust to endure mechanical stress.

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